In an effort to increase the deer population in Wisconsin and Douglas County, natural resource officials are recommending a bucks-only season for the general public in 2020.  The announcement came from the Douglas County Deer Advisory Council (CDAC).

News sources report that the buck kill has been down the last two years.  Last year (2019), buck kill was down 23% and had clocked in 14% down the year before in 2018.  According to DNR Wildlife Biologist Greg Kessler, "Weather and a late gun season may have affected the low gun harvest numbers in 2019.  The archery buck harvest, which increased by 8% from 2018 to 2019, may more closely reflect deer numbers hunters were seeing in the fall".

Public comment is currently being accepted on the CDAC website or the DNR website.

While the general public would be limited to a bucks-only deer season in 2020, other groups would still be able to take does.  Youth, military, disabled hunters and tribes would be able to take antlerless deer wherever they are hunting, and the metro area would have an allocation of 300 antlerless permits.

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