In March, the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources made changes to the record fish program, which has led to a steady interest by anglers in documenting their largest catches.

The changes made included expanding the catch-and-release record category to add additional species and also making more space for records in the certified weight category by creating a separate category for records established before a certified scale was required to document a fish’s weight.

Since the changes were implemented, nine new state record fish have been certified, which proves Minnesota anglers approve and are eager to participate.

New State Record Fish Certified Since March 1, 2024

The Minnesota DNR has recently certified the following as new state record fish.

Certified Weight Category

  • Coho salmon - 12 pounds, 5 ounces; June 1, Lake Superior, St. Louis County; caught by Austin Stoltenburg of Iron
  • Black crappie - 3 pounds, 9 ounces; May 9, Cedar Lake, Rice County; caught by Nolan Sprengeler of Plymouth
  • Mooneye - 2 pounds, 1 ounce; May 11, Wabasha Creek, Redwood County; caught by Robert Tufts II of Franklin
  • Yellow bass - 1 pound, 3 ounces; May 11, Clear Lake, Jackson County; caught by Dennis Dagel of Lakefield
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Catch-And-Release Category

  • Brown trout - 30 inches; April 15, Lake Superior, St. Louis County; caught by Dan Zeleznikar of Duluth
  • Lake trout - 42 1/2 inches; April 21, Lake Superior, St. Louis County; caught by Kelsey Vanderheyden of Stanchfield
  • Shovelnose sturgeon - 34 1/4 inches; March 8, Mississippi River, Goodhue County; caught by Tyler Young of Lakeville
  • Shovelnose sturgeon - 35 inches; March 12, Minnesota River, Scott County; caught by Elliott Feldman of Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin
  • Smallmouth bass - 22 3/4 inches; June 25, Basswood Lake, Lake County; caught by Xavier Bradley-Rael of Omaha, Nebraska

You can click the button above for complete record information, and instructions for how to certify a Minnesota state record fish.

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