Spooky season is here! The temperatures are getting cooler and all things haunted are starting to pop up across the Northland. I know a bunch of Halloween enthusiasts, as I am one myself but what about the state of Minnesota as a whole?

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I came across a study by AirportParkingReservations.com that looked at just how obsessed each state is with haunted houses. The study looked into all things haunted houses to see which states are paranormal obsessed and which opt for something a little lighter. By the way, we are talking real haunted houses, not the kind you pay to go through.

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How was this study done?

The study was done by looking at what each state was searching for online, including the following:

  • number of searches for haunted houses
  • searches for 'haunted houses near me'
  • searches for ghost stories
  • reports on the number of haunted houses
  • number of 'Ghost Stories' episodes filmed in each state
  • number of 'Ghost Adventures' episodes filmed in each state

How obsessed is Minnesota with haunted houses?

Sigh. This makes me sad but Minnesota came in near the bottom! According to their data, there are only a few episodes of ghostly television episodes that have been filmed in Minnesota. I know for a fact that there are more but I won't get into that right now. Ha!

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There are about 119 haunted places in the state, according to the data, and we scored a measly 6.7 out of 40 when all is said and done. That means we are barely obsessed with haunted houses.

What about Wisconsin?

Wisconsin did way better coming in at number 36! Better luck next year, I guess. By the way, California is the most haunted house-obsessed state, with New York coming in second. That is very random but okay.

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