Given the time of the year, this story is not only unfortunate, but it's also a little spooky.

Last Thursday, October 20th, St. Paul Police responded to a call about someone being killed in a nearby home. According to the criminal complaint, when officers arrived on the scene they found two dead males, one 40 years old and the other 56.

Joseph Sandoval II, age 32, has been charged with two counts of second-degree murder with intent, but not premeditated. St. Police gave more details about the killings in a weekend press conference, saying that they observed Sandoval leaving the home where the killings took place with blood on his hands and clothing, and marks on his body.

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Police say a witness got access to the home and saw the dead man in the basement of the house. He then tried to leave, but Sandoval stopped him and said that he would need some help "disposing of some things." The witness says he was put in a chokehold before he managed to escape and call the police.

Here's where things get spooky.

Police say Sandoval said that he heard noises and that "the TV said they’re going to kill me and told me to take the opportunity." The witness at the scene also said that Sandoval had a "crazed look in his eyes."

According to the St. Paul prosecutors, Sandoval has other pending charges including first-degree assault and first-degree burglary. Sandoval was scheduled to make his first court appearance today.

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