'Tis the season for romantic Christmas movies and it looks like the holiday movie filmed in Duluth earlier this year is coming out just in time for the season! The film is going to be an instant classic.

Earlier this year, Duluthians were incredibly excited when it was revealed that a major movie was filming in the downtown area. You could walk down Superior Street and see camera crews at any given location.

This was made even more exciting when a famous television and movie star was spotted shopping in downtown Duluth between takes! Katie Lowes, most famous for roles in hit shows like Scandal and and Grey's Anatomy, is one of the famous stars on the film.

She regularly posted from Duluth doing as the Duluthians do, like posting photos at different breweries. She was also spotted at Duluth Candy Co. in downtown Duluth, an encounter that was shared on their Facebook page! The photo was shared in late May, which is right around the time the movie was being filmed.

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It looks like they have a pretty good editing crew because the movie is set to drop very soon! The film, by the way, is called Merry Kiss Cam. The film is about two people who get put up on a kiss cam at a hockey game and it ultimately leads to love.

The film has all the makings of a classic holiday movie, from the small town vibe of Duluth in the background to a plot that involves two strangers falling in love. The film will also feature a bunch of Northlanders, as there were calls for locals to be extras throughout the filming.

So when can we see this epic film on our screens? The answer is probably sooner than you'd expect! The film is set to make its big premiere on Thursday, November 24th! That means you can feast on all the turkey and mashed potatoes you want and then catch the flick right from your living room couch.

The film is going to be making its debut on Hulu which is a pretty big deal! Hulu is one of the biggest streaming services out there which means many eyes will be on the movie and on Duluth itself.

I learned that the film was going to be debuting next month thanks to a press release from the streaming service, that lists all the movies and television shows coming to Hulu in November of 2022.

As of now, there is no trailer for the film just yet. However, there is a little behind-the-scenes video of the filming of the movie that a local extra took and shared online so that will tide you over until the movie drops next month.

The film stars Martha Millan, Jesse Bradford, Angela Ko and more. There is a little bit more information about the film on IMDb. It is named both a romance movie and a comedy. I can't wait!


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