20 of the Worst Jobs to Have in Minnesota During the Summer

The last few days have been perfect in Minnesota.  Not too hot.  Not too cold.  The mosquitos haven't started attacking us yet.  Basically, it is flip-flop and hoodie weather, which is the best!  We know what's coming though - the heat waves with the intense humidity.

When those hot summer days hit, most of us retreat to our air-conditioned homes and workspaces. Unfortunately, some jobs are happening in the thick of the hot temperatures and have been labeled as some of the worst jobs to have in the summer heat.

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20 of the Worst Jobs to Have in the Summer Heat

When summer hits, what jobs do you think are the absolute worst to have in Minnesota and throughout the country? When the temperatures are higher than 90 degrees and that hot, sticky humidity just overwhelms you, what job would you hate to do in the summer? We took a poll on social media and below are the top answers for the worst jobs to have in extreme heat.

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