It looks like the rift between Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers may be coming to a close. At least for now.

It was reported Monday that Rodgers and the Packers were getting close to a re-worked deal that would give him greater control over his situation into the next couple years.

Ian Rapoport and Adam Schefter both emphasized that the renegotiated terms between Rodgers and the Packers would ensure he would be around for the 2021 season, but leave the door wide open for Rodgers to hit the eject button after.

As noted by Rapoport in his tweet on Monday, the easing tensions with a new framework in place meant Rodgers was warming up to showing up at training camp. Late Monday night, video was shared by a Wisconsin sports reporter of Rodgers arriving by plane in Green Bay.

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With the news of a deal practically being done and Rodgers flying into Green Bay, it would only make sense #12 would show up to Lambeau as the team gets ready to kick off training camp. Video of him walking into the facility hit the internet Tuesday morning, sporting his new, longer hairstyle and a t-shirt (seen better in a photo below) that's kind of pretty awesome.

The official Packers Twitter account shared a close-up of their quarterback walking into the facility, sporting a Kevin Malone vs. pot of chili video game-themed shirt, accompanied by a smirk that 100% tells me he's ready to make a statement in the season ahead.

Now, it will just be a matter of Green Bay figuring out the situation with Davante Adams. Contract talks between the star wide receiver and the team soured last week, with negotiations getting broken off.

Rodgers returning may get Adams to be more receptive to a deal, though reports indicate the two sides are pretty far apart on money. Adams is reportedly looking to be the highest-paid wide receiver in the league, which means the Packers would need to offer more than the $22 million/year DeAndre Hopkins is getting from Arizona. Adams' average yearly salary works out to about $14 million a year, which is a pretty big deficit.

We'll see if the two sides can reignite negotiations now that Rodgers looks to be in place for the season ahead. Falling just short of the Super Bowl last year, getting the band back together and locking in their top two stars for at least one more season to go "all in" before the unknown with Rodgers in 2022 only makes sense.

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