Animal Allies is reaching out to the public for monetary donations to help curb the cost of the dog rescue they recently did from a hoarding situation. 24 Basenji mix dogs were taken from the home and some of them need very specialized care.

Six of the dogs will need significant medical treatment beyond what they can provide at the shelter. Thankfully, Animal Allies was able to find a placement for them with rescue groups that specialize in the type of care they need.

Animal Allies Development Officer Michelle Carter spoke with WDIO and said "It actually worked out really well because with the COVID-19 scenario happening right now, all of our dogs have been put up into foster homes or even been adopted. We have lots of kennel space available so these guys were able to each have their own kennel space and really have time to decompress and kind of get used to their new surroundings."

Michelle went on to say " Overall they were pretty well cared for and many of them were very healthy none of them are particularly underweight. What we are seeing and have been working with them on is that they are relatively under socialized. In addition to that, many of them had really never been on a leash from what we could tell so we've been working with them on leash training."

The medical team at Animal Allies is evaluating the needs of the remaining 18 dogs. Some need hernia surgery and dental work. All of the dogs will be given medical exams, vaccinations and will be spayed or neutered. Adoption fees only cover a fraction of the real cost of caring for the dogs. They estimate the cost will be between $350 and $1500 per dog. That's why Animal Allies is asking the community to step in and help. A Go Fund Me Page has been set up and the support has been overwhelming! At the time of writing this blog they had raised almost $8,000 of their $10,000 goal.

I have worked very closely with the staff at Animal Allies, they are the most incredible, caring and patient individuals I have ever met. All I know is this group of dogs was lucky to be rescued by such a great group. Good news is some of the dogs will be ready for adoption soon and hopefully all of the dogs will eventually be ready for a new loving home. Also something kind of cool Tito's Vodka is apparently a charity partner for many animal welfare groups nationwide, and reached out to Animal Allies. They are matching the next $5,000 in donations to help the Basenji case.

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