As the winter season winds down, the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources warns everyone of the dangers of white ice or "snow ice", which is half as strong as new clear ice.

Because of this, ice safety guidelines need to be doubled when dealing with white ice.  Here are updated guidelines for new clear ice and white ice:

  • UNDER 4" - STAY OFF (8" for white ice)
  • 4" - Ice fishing or other activities on foot (8" for white ice)
  • 5" - 7" - Snowmobile or ATV (10" - 14" for white ice)
  • 8" - 12" - Car or small pickup (16" - 24" for white ice)
  • 12" - 15" - Medium truck (24" - 30" inches for white ice)

The best ways to check for ice thickness are by using an ice chisel, ice auger, cordless drill, and a tape measure.

Remember, no ice is ever 100% safe.  Even if ice meets general safety guidelines, it's best to take extra precautions.  For example, cars, pickups or SUVs should be parked at least 50 feet apart and moved every two hours.

For complete details on ice safety, follow the link below.

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