Last year the Green Bay Packers not only won the division but were the number 2 seed in the playoffs, to miss this year seems wrong.

The prediction was made by Bleacher Report but totally based on what people are betting on at Caesars Palace. The Minnesota Vikings are a slight favorite to win the division, but only to sneak by the Packers. The Minnesota Vikings are favored to make the playoffs, but the Green Bay Packers are not even favored to get to the playoffs. How could a team that went 13-3 last year fail this year to make the playoffs?

I find it hard to believe. They are returning almost the same team, the same coach, but fail to make the playoffs. I have to remember this is what people are betting on, there isn't anything scientific to this.

Here's what the Bleacher Reports are basing their predictions on. The Green Bay Packers did little work to get free agents, didn't get any weapons for Aaron Rodgers and have already drafted his successor. Notice they said successor, not back up.

The odds in Vegas are also that Green Bay only has a chance if Rodgers is the Quarterback for the team.

Bleacher Reports also said that the other teams in the division have drafted and brought in free agents to make them better, not good enough to win the division but to stop Green Bay from accomplishing that. The also went on to say that anyone that wins the division, which the Vikings are favored to do, will win with a record good enough to win the division but not good enough to be a top seed.

I predict this if Green Bay misses the playoffs, the decision not to get Aaron Rodgers at least one weapon to throw to will be looked at a lot harsher and maybe they make some changes. Will Aaron Rodgers get discouraged halfway into the season and demand a trade for someone he can throw to?

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