If you can spare just a little of your time in October, you'll be able to help others and also find out if you have COVID-19 antibodies.

On October 15, the American Red Cross has schedule a blood drive in Duluth.  The event goes from 9:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m. at East West Property Management, located at 1720 West Superior Street.

If you're eligible to donate, you'll donating about a pint of 'whole blood',  which usually takes about an hour.

Whole blood is the most flexible type of donation. It can be transfused in its original form, or used to help multiple people when separated into its specific components of red cells, plasma and platelets. Every day, whole blood donations help save the lives of children and adults fighting to survive cancer, blood disorders, traumatic injuries and more.

Here some basic whole blood donation requirements:

  • Donation frequency: Every 56 days
  • You must be in good health and feeling well
  • You must be at least 16 years old.  Those who are 16 years old must have a signed parental consent form.
  • You must weigh at least 110 pounds
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According to the American Red Cross, only 3% of Americans donate blood, even though a large number of people across the country are eligible to do so.  This is often because people feel they'd be disqualified from the process when, in actuality, they would be welcome to donate.

The video below helps do some myth busting about who is eligible to donate blood.


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