We learned earlier this fall that the Twin Ports area Camping World location would be closing this fall. While the reasons for the Hermantown Camping World closure have not been disclosed, the retailer confirmed they will be closing up shop on Friday, October 20.

This store has seen a fair amount of change over the years, serving the Twin Ports area as a Gander Mountain for quite some time. As Gander Mountain faced financial difficulties, a new owner stepped in to buy the chain, closing some stores and converting others to a new branding - "Gander Outdoors".

In the years following this 2018 rebranding under the new ownership, the store was transformed again to Camping World, transitioning to a more exclusive camping and RV business model, away from the previous iterations that included fishing, hunting, and other outdoor supplies.

In the wake of the news Camping World would be closing, a number of Northlanders have started discussing what could move into the retail location on Haines Road, just off Miller Trunk Highway.

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Some of the suggestions we saw on our social media pages include some pretty intriguing suggestions. This could also be a great location for a store with a local presence to move into a new/different/larger space to expand as well.

Let's dream a little and consider some of the possibilities of what could move into the Camping World location after they close on October 20.

Things That Could Move Into Hermantown Camping World Location After It Closes

Here are a series of suggestions and wishes from Northlanders for things they'd like to see move into the Hermantown Camping World location after they close. While this could also be a great place for an already established local retailer to move into the space, here are some businesses that don't already have a presence in the Twin Ports people say they'd like to see move in.

Gallery Credit: Nick Cooper

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