A major upcoming road construction project is about to get its first virtual meeting and the first-look at the plans for the Twin Ports community.  The Minnesota Department of Transportation has scheduled an informational session for the planned Central Entrance Reconstruction Project on Tuesday, December 20 starting at 5:30 PM via a link on their website; that link is included below.

The presentation will include information on why the Minnesota Department of Transportation is looking at the Central Entrance corridor - from Mesaba Avenue to Trinity Road.  In addition, they hope to impress the importance to community members about the importance of feedback this early in the project process.  This is especially true to invested individuals (business owners, property owners, and daily commute drivers) who use Central Entrance.

Currently, MNDOT is aiming towards 2026 and 2027 as the construction phase of the work. Estimated cost for the work is $16.5 million on the high end, but that will more than likely change the closer we get to the work starting.

When complete, the redesign will address a variety of concerns that the aging roadway has - primarily improved traffic flow, better business access, and advanced pedestrian safety. MNDOT also hopes to address green infrastructure needs, provide for better "walkability", and make Central Entrance "a vibrant gateway to Duluth".

Once the work starts, MNDOT looks to break the large project up into different zones - to better manage resources and to minimize traffic impacts as much as possible:

  • Zone 1:  Trinity Road to Anderson Road
  • Zone 2: Anderson Road tp Basswood Avenue
  • Zone 3: Basswood Avenue to Arlington Avenue (County State Aid Highway [CSAH] 90)
  • Zone 4: Arlington Avenue (CSAH 90) to Blackman Avenue
  • Zone 5:  Blackman Avenue to Mesaba Avenue (CSAH 4)

A redesigned Central Entrance carries many positives for MNDOT and the Twin Ports community.  According to MNDOT's website:

"Central Entrance plays an important role in Duluth’s roadway network. It is one of the few direct routes connecting Duluth’s Miller Hill area to downtown Duluth and neighborhoods along Lake SuperiorBecause of its role in the roadway network, Central Entrance is important for all modes of transportation."

Public intake for commentary will happen throughout 2023.  A pre-design will be drafted in 2024, with a final design coming in 2025. Again, construction is planned for 2026-2027.

To attend the virtual meeting session on December 20 at 5:30 PM, follow this link to the portal on MNDOT's website.

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