This is quite a story. Let's just say that a Minnesota man may take the prize of "dumbest criminal" so far this year. That is saying a lot considering there have been some very strange crime stories out of the state.

In late August, a woman from Rochester made headlines for causing a chaotic scene at a sandwich shop. The customer is accused of hitting one of the employees and pulling their hair after complaining her sandwich was too small.

There is also the story of a Minnesota man who somehow broke into a home in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin and proceeded to try and take a bath in the home. The police were called around six in the morning and no harm was done for the most part.

Most recently, a teenager was stopped after going triple digits. Police in Olmsted County pulled over a sixteen year old who was busted going 107 mph in a 55 zone. He now faces a bunch of other charges related to the incident.

This crime might take the top prize as the dumbest committed so far this year. The Chaska Police Department shared details of this crime on their Twitter account on Sunday (September 4th). Let's just say, someone didn't exactly have the best getaway.

According to their post, an unnamed criminal committed a theft at two different stores within a span of a half an hour. While he was committing the second theft, his backpack was located at the spot he committed the first theft.

Why is this noteworthy? Because the backpack in question had a paper copy of his ID. Yup, he left his ID at the scene of a crime. I don't like to call someone dumb but this definitely isn't the smartest thing he could have done.

Thankfully, this led Chaska Police right to the culprit and he was arrested. They had a good laugh about it, writing that they didn't have to use any of their detective skills that day. The criminal did all the detective work for them.

Chaska is about three hours from the Duluth area. I think this man learned a very valuable lesson and that is to not commit any sort of theft, left alone two in one day. I would say the only other criminal that comes this close to a dumb crime is the one who left his unlocked cell phone in the front of a van he stole. Sigh.

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