The Derailed Bar and Grill has not hosted any people for a while, now the owners have decided to put it on the market.

The post on Facebook says it is approximately 2645 square feet. They are selling it and don't want any other deal like leasing or other arrangements.

The old Derailed is located at 501 3rd Ave. Proctor, MN. Because it used to be a bar and grill, the post says there are options for bar/restaurant. The owner says if you need equipment they are willing to negotiate that into the sale price.

The Facebook post says the building comes with a full security system installed including cameras. I know from going there a lot, that the place is completely remodeled and looks great inside the bathrooms too. If you contact the seller, they will send you the layout of the building.

The bar has been there for a while and went through many changes over the years and was a major part of Hoghead Days. It is located across the street from the Powerhouse Bar. According to Perfect Day Duluth, it was the Iron Horse Bar & Grill then later became the Tailgate Bar & Grill and then Derailed Bar & Grill.

Back in the day, they featured football games on the TV and had an extensive hot dog menu, not to mention they had a great burger menu. They had a Taco Tuesday. On the weekends they had karaoke and featured many area bands playing including AfterShock on a regular basis.

Check Out The Freshly-Remodeled Derailed Bar In Proctor, Now On Sale

These are pictures inside the Derailed  Bar And Grill in Proctor, Minnesota.

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