You've probably noticed:  the advancing season has caused what leaves remained on the trees in your yard to drop.  And before it gets really cold - and they become buried underneath the snow that's bound to arrive anytime now - this would be a good time to rake them up into a bag, and get rid of them.

But what to do with the mound of bagged leaves you have afterwards.

Luckily for residents in Superior, the city provides an easy way to get rid of them.

The City of Superior has released the details for their annual Bagged Leaf Pickup - running November 1 through November 15 this year.  As in years past, the dates correspond to specific neighborhoods and residents will need to coordinate when they need to leave their leaves out to be collected. Click here to see the full and detailed schedule.

Generally speaking, bagged leaves will need to be left out in the alley (or the location where normal garbage collection occurs) by 7:00 AM of the day that collection is scheduled for your address/neighborhood.  The city is urgently reminding homeowners that in order for the leaves to be picked up, they need to be in bags - and not just left in piles; unbagged leaves will not be collected.

Additionally, those bags of leaves need to be free from other debris and items.  Wood, paper, garbage, plastic, and other items can not be mixed in with the leaves.  Bags containing other debris will not be picked up by the city and disposal will be the responsibility of the homeowner.

Also - even though brush and grass trimmings are organic in nature, they will not be picked up.  Brush and grass should not be mixed in with the leaves; they would be considered debris and would result in the bags not being picked up.  Grass trimmings and brush can be brought to the landfill for disposal; those grass trimmings are always free and brush is charged $8.00 per car, truck, or trailer load.  A car with a trailer full is $16.00.

If you miss the bagged leaf collection date, you can always bring them to the Superior Municipal Landfill on your own; there is no charge for this disposal.

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