If the quarantine is getting you down, just remember that you're not alone. Everyone else is going through it too, even GWAR, who were interviewed by CNN about their isolation experience.

Pustulus Maximus sent a video to the news site from his "Antarctic fortress," which appeared a bit lacking in the whole "arctic" department. Nevertheless, it's pretty entertaining hearing a mainstream media outlet attempt to describe the group when introducing them, as people who aren't familiar with GWAR may find them a bit... surprising.

"They're doing stuff, I guess. Working on music," Maximus said very confidently of what his bandmates are doing during their downtime. "I mean, I'm not gonna learn any of it. That just gets in the way of my stuff."

"I just think it's a very opportune time to not have to talk to anyone," the guitarist continued, adding that no one from the band's management or label has called him.

The CNN video then features a snippet of Sawborg Destructo, whose advice for quarantining is to "build your fortress in your living room or your basement, weather out this virus, and in a few months you can come to the GWAR show and then you will die!"

Comforting! Watch the full video segment below. And seriously — stay home.

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