The organizers of the Duluth Dylan Fest announced by a press release that the festival will be canceled due to the pandemic.

The 2020 version of the festival was due to run on Saturday, May 16th through the 24th, which would have been Bob Dylan's 79th Birthday. It's the first time ever the music fest has been canceled in 10 years, but the organizers felt it was the right one.

Being that we don't know when this pandemic will end or slow down, I think we will see more actions like this. I also think this sets up a very big year next year and will have plenty of time to plan for the 2021 Duluth Dylan Festival. It will be Bob Dylan's 80th Birthday. Maybe we can get him to come?

Friends of Duluth Dylan Fest can continue to follow us at or on Facebook for special events during the coming year.

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