Disney has unveiled a working lightsaber at one of their “A Special Look Inside The Disney Parks” press conferences. But good luck trying to get a glimpse of one — Disney will not be sharing any photos or videos of the new device. However, Josh D'Amaro, Chairman of Disney Parks, Experiences and Products, reportedly lifted up a lightsaber and turned it on, informing fans that “it's real.”

These new lightsabers are a cut above the Star Wars toy you used to play with as a kid, or even the models you can build inside Galaxy's Edge at Disneyland and Disney World. Their technology makes them retractable, creating a super realistic effect. We can most likely expect to see them used by Disney Parks performers in live demonstrations. Then, hopefully, they will be made available for purchase.

We’ve known for years that Disney filed patents for what appeared to be lightsaber devices. We don't know whether or not the product described in the patent is the one being shared now, but it definitely could be. The patent was designed to create an an “energy” sword effect. The lighting of the blade would be achieved with a “flexible strip of light sources.”

While there's no official timeline for these working gadgets, some fans speculate that they could potentially be used at Disney’s upcoming Star Wars hotel, Galactic Starcruiser. Either way, the future for aspiring Jedis is as bright as a glowing lightsaber.

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