It's easy to go overboard with Christmas shopping, and most of us need to draw a line on who is getting gifts each year.

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Of course, we want to take care of significant others, kids, immediate family, and maybe some of the younger kids that are nieces and nephews.  Sometimes it's hard to stop though especially with large families.

Assuming you're able to control yourself and have some coin leftover to spend, think about considering a gift for teachers of any of your kids.  Often, we forget how hard they actually work in their usually underpaying gigs.  Teachers don't just deliver information but can be role models for students, a listening ear and confidant to kids, and so much more.  What I'm trying to say is that their job is rarely just teaching.

As far as what you get for teachers as gifts, remember it doesn't have to be extravagant or expensive.  People tend to say, "it's the thought that counts", which while that is true, still try to think of something they will actually use.  Don't just give a gift to give one and feel like you did something good.

For teachers, a usual win can be as simple as a gift card for coffee.  Is their favorite DunkinCaribou, or Starbucks?  Roll with a card for a few dollars to one of those.  If you don't know, have your kid do some sneaky asking.  Maybe they don't like coffee, but your kid noticed they drink tea, an assortment of 50 various teas is not that expensive and can be shipped right to your door.

If you do decide to gift the teacher of one or multiple kids of yours, try to put a smidgen of thought into it and remember that school supply items don't count.  Encourage your kid to come up with something they know the teacher will use and appreciate.

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