To the average person the term "comprehensive plan" sounds vague and boring - and leaves them wondering what it has do with them.  The fact of the matter is that local governments probably have the most effect on our daily lives as opposed to what goes on at the national or even state level and these strategic future plans play a larger role than you would think.

Douglas County officials have signaled that they are ready to embark upon a update to the comprehensive plan that guides their government. Through a series of meetings and drafts, a final plan that will drive major decision making in the region for the next ten years will come together.

What's in the plan?  According to an article in the Superior Telegram, here's the description of what a county comprehensive plan looks like:

The comprehensive plan is a guide to the social, physical and economic development of the county. It includes nine elements such as issues and opportunities; housing; transportation; utilities and community facilities; agricultural; natural and cultural resources; economic development; intergovernmental cooperation; land use and implementation.

At this point, definitive meeting dates and a timeline or schedule have not been put together.  County officials are just looking for public interest and for people who want to be actively involved to step forward to participate in the steering committees.  For full details about the Douglas County Comprehensive Plan process, click here to visit the portal assigned to it on the county's website.

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