There's a lot of good police men and women out there, going above and beyond what the job calls for. That's the case with Duluth Police Officer Hughes, who helped calm some frightened children with a simple gesture.

The Duluth Police Department shared on their Facebook page that Officer Hughes and others responded to a domestic violence call that took place just before 11pm on Saturday night. The officers were asked to transport three young children to a friend's house of the evening. Officer Hughes took the kids to bring them to their friends, but first made a stop at McDonald's for some ice cream.

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Imagine what a rough night these kids must have had up until that point. Domestic violence calls are often some of the worst incidents that police officers face. I know several personally who say they can be the saddest and most emotional calls to respond to. This officer took extra time and compassion to try to give the kids a bright spot in what is otherwise a terrible situation.

Hopefully acts like this will help continue to build a community bond between law enforcement and the community. While it is important that we work as a society to handle injustices with police brutality, it's also important that we honor the good cops out there. It's okay to share good stories about police officers, because we all need those as well.

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