I saw the picture of the outdoor hot tub looking toasty warm in the snow and I thought "yes, I want to stay here!" And after looking at more pictures of this Airbnb in Duluth, Minnesota, it made me want to stay here more. It just looks like such a fun place for a variety of people!

In this Airbnb, you've got the coziness with the hot tub and a few other features we'll check out, there's also lots of fun available indoors, and plenty of space to explore if you're an outdoorsy person.

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Duluth Airbnb Complete with Outdoor Hot Tub, Great Views, and the Only Dome in the Area

An Airbnb in Duluth, Minnesota caught my attention because of the toasty warm, outdoor hot tub. After looking at more of the home, it looks like an incredibly fun place to stay!

Minnesota Grain Bins Turned into Luxury Suites Where You Can Spend the Night

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