As many gear up for Minnesota's Deer Rifle Season the biggest talk leading to it is usually the weather.

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There are of course other considerations like how much beer to bring and making deer stand safety a priority, but what you'll need to wear to be comfortable sitting in the elements is high on a lot of people's lists.

Even with great hunting gear, sometimes it's so brutally cold on opening weekend that it's not even enjoyable.  My favorite deer season to date was a couple of years back when I was in the stand in my Duluth Trading Flex Fire Hose Pants, long underwear, and a t-shirt and hoodie.  If you're hunting close to the Duluth area, it's looking like 2022 won't be too bad.

The National Weather Service says for the opener on Saturday, November 5th we are looking at a chance of showers, partly sunny, and a high of 48 with winds up to 20 mph around Duluth.  Areas within 50 or so miles are similar with some higher temps being away from the big lake.

Sunday the 6th as of now looks almost identical to Saturday, so not too bad in my book.  Being I'm not a hardcore trophy deer hunter, I prefer being comfortable over cold and miserable even if the temps play a part in deer movement.


Hopefully the chances of rain continue to stay minimal as rainy hunting is almost as bad as brutal cold hunting.  We'll keep you updated on changes as we get closer to the big day.

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