The City of Duluth has issued a Snow Emergency - the first of it's kind since its inception last year.  The declaration will be in effect from 1:00 PM, December 28 through 6:00 PM on December 29 - "unless another Snow Emergency is declared".

Under the conditions of the Snow Emergency, all vehicles need to be moved off of the posted routes as of 9:00 PM, December 28.  This will allow city crews a chance to remove the accumulated snow from the Sunday to Monday storm and any additional snow inches that fall tonight.  All vehicles that remain parked along the Snow Emergency Routes after 9:00 PM on Tuesday, December 28 will be towed at the owner's expense.

Many wondered why an emergency wasn't called for the Sunday to Monday snow storm.  The release from the city explains:

"The City of Duluth has declared this Snow Emergency based on the cumulative effect of the current forecast and yesterday's (Monday's) snowfall.  During a Snow Emergency, motorists are encouraged to limit their travel until the weather has diminished and the city streets have been cleared".

So where can you park your vehicles?  The city urges drivers to park their vehicles on residential streets near the routes that are not designated as Snow Emergency Routes. "This week, alternate side parking is allowed on the off side of the street and residents and visitors should abide by this parking schedule during the Snow Emergency".

Irina Igumnova

Additionally, the city has Snow Emergency Parking Lots located throughout the city.  These are available on a first come-first served basis. The lots can be used for free during a declared emergency like his - starting at 4:00 PM on December 28 until 8:00 PM on December 29.   A full list of those parking lots is available on the City of Duluth's website.

The full details about what happens during a Snow Emergency are also available on the website.  In general, what's happening is that available snow plows will be "starting over" in their snow removal process, starting at the posted route, and then branching off from there - keeping the posted Snow Emergency Route open and passable at all times.

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