Living in the Northland, there's no escaping the connection we all have to Lake Superior and the waterways that feed it.  And, I think everyone understands the connection between what's on the ground and how it all eventually flows to our Great Lake.

Springtime can be harsh on the waterways and tributaries of Lake Superior.  Road salt and sand is a necessity in our area in order to help keep streets and highways clear of ice and snow and safe to navigate.

However, all of that salt and sand that gets spread on the roadways starts to run-off during the spring season.  Once the snow melts, the rain comes, and the water starts to accumulate and flow, that sand ends up in our waterways if it's left untouched.

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That's why the City of Duluth usually provides free collection sites for road sand.  This year is no different, with five sites located throughout the city,

Residents are urged to look around their property and adjacent sidewalks and street.  By lightly sweeping up the accumulated sand and debris, it can be collected into containers. Once full, those containers can be brought to the collection sites and the sand will be disposed of (or re-used if possible) to keep it out of Lake Superior, rivers, and streams.

Here are the five location sites in Duluth for spring 2022:

  • Duluth Heights Community Club:   33 West Mulberry Street
  • Piedmont Community Club:  2201 N 23rd Avenue West
  • Chester Park:  1800 East Skyline Parkway
  • Wheeler Field:  3501 Grand Avenue
  • Portman Community Club:  4601 McCulloch Street

These sites were expected to open on Tuesday, May 3.  According to the City of Duluth, they're expected to remain open for "approximately one month and are dependent on usage and capacity".


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