It happened without much fanfare or publicity.  The mask requirement for the general public and staff inside of all City of Duluth buildings and facilities has ended.  A statement issued quietly by the city notes that the mandate ended on June 9, effective immediately.

This most-recent round of mask mandates and and requirements for all individuals who entered city buildings started abruptly on May 23; on that date, the city released the mask requirement as part of a statement issued late that afternoon.

According to details shared by the City of Duluth, the decision happened "as a result of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recent listing of St. Louis County's COVID-19 community spread as medium". Similar to other communities across the nation, the City of Duluth closely monitors community spread numbers.  They match their response to the recommendations set forth by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Minnesota Department of Health, and local hospitals.

Even though they've dropped the mask mandate for visitors and staff in city buildings and facilities, the City of Duluth "strongly encourages members of the public to follow CDC guidelines around COVID-19 community spread" and makes the following recomendations:

Stay up to date with COVID-19 vaccines

Get tested if you have symptoms

Take any additional precautions necessary if you're at high risk for severe illness

With their statement on the reversal of the mask mandate also comes a pitch for individuals to get vaccinated.  Information on vaccine clinics in St. Louis County can be found by clicking here.  The State of Minnesota's vaccine locator can be found by clicking here.  Meanwhile, most medical providers and local drug stores also have the vaccines and boosters readily available.

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