There's a new way for Duluth residents to be proactive and protect Lake Superior and all its rivers, streams, creeks, and waterways from pollution and the City of Duluth hopes residents across the city sign up to help.

The City of Duluth announced as part of its Stormwater Pollution Prevention Program, they have joined other Minnesota cities and regions across the nation in the Adopt-a-Drain program.

The Adopt-a-Drain program encourages residents to sign up to adopt a stormwater drain of their choosing and provide periodic care for the drain, ensuring that none of the matter and material that routinely muck up the stormwater sewer system contributes to pollution of our water sources.

“The impact Duluthians can have on preventing water pollution through the Adopt-a-Drain program is absolutely measurable,” says Ryan Granlund, Utility Programs Coordinator. "If every resident regularly did their part to remove the dead leaves, dirt, trash, and pet waste from the immediate vicinity of the storm drains near their homes, it can't get into the storm drain the next time it rains or snows, and therefore won't wash through the stormwater utility system and into the Lake and River. We can continue to have high quality water resources in our area if we all continue to do our part, and this program is a fun and engaging way to make certain we're all doing so."

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Duluthians can go online through the button below to select a drain near their home or workplace and adopt it. From there, they can name the drain whatever they like, learn about what kind of  activities will best benefit their antipollution efforts, and log the maintenance they provide.

The City says the data collected by the program will be reported back to them so that Public Works and Utilities can track the engagement and impact the program has on protecting our region’s bodies of water from pollution.

Once residents sign up and participate in the Adopt-a-Drain program, they will receive an informational packet along with a small yard sign that reads, "We protect Lake Superior," so they can boast to their neighbors about the great work they're doing for the water sources in the Northland.

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