I hosted a taco eating contest at Duluth's Tacos Tacos Tacos and this guy impressed me.

The premise and the question, how fast can someone eat 20 tacos. They were about medium size. Elin from Tacos Tacos Tacos told me the kitchen weighed each taco in order to have each one be the same. (with 8 contestants that means 160 tacos were weighed.

We had celebrity judges (in the pic below) Brian Ingram, Owner/Chef of Hope Breakfast Bar, and Founder + CEO of Purpose Driven Restaurant LLC, Kate Boerboon Meier the Owner and Founder of Craftmade Aprons. and Justin Sutherland who was the Winner of Iron Chef America

Chris Allen

Each judge had to watch the people and make sure they were following the rules and to say whether they finished all of their tacos. The rules stated all of the plates had to be clean. The contestant held up their sign stating they were done, the judge would lift up their arm to signify the person had eaten everything.

Chris Allen

We introduced the people, sounded the air horn, and away they went. Immediately the place got noisy. It was kind of funny too. A couple of guys walked in thinking they were going to get a couple of tacos, instead, they walked in on a taco eating contest. They found out Nancy (one of the contestants) was 79 and immediately started cheering for her, but then, they just started cheering for everyone.

Chris Allen

Even the judges were trash-talking each other. I thought it would take everyone a long time, and I had a discussion with Robert (the owner) and whether we should have a time limit. I said no, I thought it would end soon.

Ethan Chris Allen

Sure enough, Ethan Teske finished in an astonishing 6 minutes and 48 seconds. Devin Garret came in second with a time of around 15 minutes. Then, Jacob Potter took third with a time around 22 minutes.

By Chris Allen
by Chris Allen

Chris Adatte looked like he was done, he leaned over to the buckets we had below the bar, and I thought he was gonna tap out, but his hand was still up. He came up and I announced that Chris had probably tapped out, then he held up the bucket and there was nothing in it, the crowd went wild.

20 Tacos
Chris Allen

Ethan took home $250 dollars, an apron, and a swag bag full of prizes.

Everyone had so much fun. You can watch the whole thing on Facebook and enjoy the action..

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