Play It Again Sports in Duluth reached out the public Friday hoping to identify two suspects who were recently caught on camera stealing from the store.

Play It Again Sports, where the Northland buys, sells and trades new and used sports and equipment and gear, is located at 1256 W Arrowhead Road, which is in the Kenwood Shopping Center in Duluth.

They utilized their Facebook page on November 5 to ask for help and to share the images captured by their security system, which you can see below:

We are looking for these 2 suspects that were caught on camera stealing multiple pieces of clothing from our Play It Again Sports store here in Duluth.

We ask for your help in identifying them!

Any help is greatly appreciated!

Play It Again Sports Facebook

As you can see from the images, it appears the suspects are a male and female, with the female wearing a Puma branded hoodie.

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Play It Again Sports Facebook

If anyone can recognize the logo on the bottom right corner of his hat, that may help identify who this suspect is.

Play It Again Sports Facebook

If you haven't been to Play It Again Sports, and you or members of your family are active, they are worth visiting. While they do have new sports gear, they also have used gear that can save families money. I know from experience that a lot of their used gear is still in great shape. Parents with kids in sports know how quickly they outgrown their gear, so this is a great resource.

Also, if you have gear laying around the house or in the garage that's still in good shape, you can sell or trade it in with Play It Again Sports so that other families can put it to good use.

If you recognize these two, please notify Play It Again Sports so they can take the proper steps from there. If you don't recognize them, share with others as somebody knows who they are.

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