Sad news for fans of Elevate Wellness. The store's owner just announced that they will be closing for good this month.

While this is a sad blow for the downtown Duluth area, there have been some great additions there as of late. Earlier this year, a brand new coffee shop opened. It's called Dream Cloud Coffee Roasters.

In May, two new additions were added! The Apostle Supper Club opened right across from the Duluth Public Library, along with a tiki bar called the False Eye Doll Lounge. Both spots opened at the same time.

Another new addition? A boutique flea market called In Cahoots. The store is unique in that it puts a spotlight on woman-owned businesses in the Northland and is a bunch of those businesses in one space under one roof.

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Now, downtown Duluth is losing a staple business. Elevate Wellness will be closing and soon. The owner shared an emotional post on Tuesday (October 18th), writing that Thursday would be the store's last day in business.

The post, which was accompanied by a selfie with the owner's two young kids, began as a thank you to everyone for their business over the past five years. The owner went on to say that she loved meeting so many people over the years and has been honored to play a part in their wellness journey.

As for why the store is closing, an exact reason was not given. However, the owner did say that she would be returning to her roots as a personal trainer and will still deliver product and shakes by appointment in the near future. However, the actual brick-and-mortar storefront will be closing.

Elevate Wellness is located in the heart of downtown Duluth. The store sold energy teas and protein shakes. The store also had health and wellness coaching, located at 201 West 1st Street.

I am super sad Elevate Wellness is closing, as all of their products were delicious. The staff was really friendly and it was a convenient place to get a pick-me-up throughout my work day! I will be sad to see it close.

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