The following post contains SPOILERS for The Falcon and the Winter Soldier season finale.

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier went out with a literal bang — or really a lengthy succession of bangs. The sixth and final episode of the season was almost entirely taken up by an elaborate action sequence where Sam Wilson — AKA the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s new Captain America — and Bucky Barnes — AKA Bucky, he pretty much just goes by Bucky these days — team up to take down the Flag-Smashers. That didn’t leave as much room for Easter eggs as some of the other episodes this season, but if you were paying attention, you could still spot a fair number of homages to various Marvel Comics.

If you missed any of them, we’ve collected them here; all the coolest Marvel references and Easter eggs in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier finale. Enjoy:

Plus, here are all the Easter eggs in video form:

The complete season of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier is now streaming on Disney+. Marvel’s next Disney+ series, Loki, premieres on June 11.

Gallery — More Falcon and Winter Soldier Easter Eggs:

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