Dairy Queen will celebrate the first day of Spring by handing out free vanilla soft serve cones.

According to the keeper of cheerios websiteDairy Queen will be partners again this year with the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals for its annual fundraiser and Free Cone day. (One Per Customer).The offer is available all day, but check and make sure your Dairy Queen is participating.

Dairy Queen has done other fundraisers for the Children's Miracle Network, like their famous Blizzard day to raise money for the Children's Miracle Network. That day is run a little differently with people purchasing the Blizzard. This day is a free day asking for donations.

If you remember right, Gordy's Hi-Hat opens on the first day of Spring so this might be the perfect day to wind up the day. Stop for a burger and fries then hit Dairy Queen on the way home, drop a small donation in the bucket and get a cone.


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