Grandmas Marathon announced that they are adding a female runner to their logo and many feel this is long overdue. Shane Bauer, executive director of Grandma’s Marathon told the Star Tribune  “We thought with the 45th anniversary coming up it would be a great time to make that update. It’s been talked about for years."

The logo was established from the original sponsor Grandmas Saloon and Grill and shows 3 runners in a circle, the middle runner was the one replaced with a female. Their has been a huge increase in women running marathons especially the Grandmas half marathon which first started in 1991. The first full grandmas marathon started in 1977.

Kara Goucher who is a native of Duluth and an Olympic long distance runner said she is proud that organizers have updated the brand. Goucher who now lives in Boulder Colorado said to Star Tribune "I think we women want representation and I think to have it in the logo is a really big deal. Those are small steps that make a huge difference for their audience.”

This years marathon was canceled for the first time since it started because of the COVID-19 Pandemic , but race organizers are optimistic that the race will happen in person next year. The plan is that the marathon will run at half capacity with 4,000 runners for the half and full marathons each and 1,500 runners for the 5K. Races in the past typically drew around 18,000 runners.

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The 45th-annual Grandma’s Marathon and Garry Bjorklund Half Marathon are scheduled for June 19 2021. Great job to the Marathon Committee for recognizing that women play a huge part in the running of the marathon and also make up a huge portion of runners. This summer seemed so out of place not having Grandmas Marathon as one of many big events that was canceled. Fingers crossed that things will be back to normal sooner rather than later.

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