September 22 is the first day of fall in 2022 and as we officially turn the page on summer to now bask in all things flannel and pumpkin spice, it's also time to start planning road trips to see the beautiful colors that fall brings each year.

However, knowing exactly where to go in Minnesota and Wisconsin at to see the best fall colors can be challenging because different parts of the state change at different times of the season. Luckily, both states have interactive pages that make it quick and easy to see the best places to go.

The National Weather Service in Duluth reminded everyone about these resources Thursday on their Facebook page:

Today is the first day of Fall so let's check in on how our gorgeous trees are looking. It's still a bit early but some areas are starting to see the change. We are looking at periodic rain chances beginning on Friday and lingering though the weekend. Fortunately it's not peak viewing time just yet.

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The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources Fall Color Finder features a clearly marked map of the entire state, showing where the best colors are on any given day. They also have an events calendar, photos, and a link where you can share your own photos.

The Travel Wisconsin Fall Color Report also features the best places to see fall colors each day within the state, along with photos and the ability to share your own photos.

The Wisconsin Fall Color Report also breaks down how the fall colors are each day by county.

While every year it can be tough to leave summer behind for shorter days and colder weather, I think just about everyone can agree that fall in the Northland does bring some amazing colors and outdoor fun.

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