Once upon a time, there was Brett Favre, and the Green Bay Packers drafted Aaron Rodgers. Did Brett Favre teach him, train him, or offer advice?

Sportcasting says Brett once said that it wasn't his job to train Aaron Rodgers. As much as I like Brett Favre, I think that shows a little bit of fear that if Favre had helped train his back-up that Rodgers would replace him. Which ultimately happened when Favre retired and then unretired. Green Bay moved on.

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So now Aaron Rodgers is in the same position. He is one of the best quarterbacks in the league and perhaps one of the greatest ever. The Green Bay Packers have drafted the guy that could inherit the team from him, Jordan Love. There are a lot of similarities in the situation and in the description of the young Love (no pun intended) and Aaron Rodgers when he came out of college.

Aaron Rodgers says he doesn't have to train him (oh no this sounds familiar) because Love is a good player, but Rodgers says he is there to answer questions. According to Yahoo! Sports and the AP, Jordan Love says he learns the most in the quarterback's meetings. He watches what Aaron does in practice and only asks questions when he can't figure out the answer by watching. Love says Aaron has been a great person to him and has dropped a few nuggets of knowledge in defense reading.

Yahoo! Sports and the AP say Aaron Rodgers says he has always been there for his back-ups and will continue that relationship. Rodgers says he wants the team to be strong if he goes down, like what happened when the Minnesota Vikings hurt him and his back-up had to take over.



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