As most of us are continuing to try and process the unspeakable tragedy that occurred in Uvalde, Texas yesterday, some of us are struggling to find a way to help the families that are in deep sorrow today.

During times like this, it is easy to feel helpless, hopeless, and even broken. We wonder what causes an individual like the 18-year-old young man to decide to wake up one day and shoot his grandmother before opening fire on a classroom of teachers and students which would inevitably lead to his own death, as well. Some continue to offer their "thoughts and prayers" in a heartfelt effort to reach out and offer comfort to these families.

I don't know about you, but I feel overwhelmed today. Even if we aren't directly affected, we can sense the way we are all connected in times like this. Anyone with a sense of empathy will feel the emotional fallout and heartbreak of this tragedy.

Mass Shooting At Elementary School In Uvalde, Texas Leaves 21 Dead Including Shooter
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In my opinion, the best and most helpful thing we can do in times like this is to try our best to find practical ways to help ease the suffering.

Earlier this morning, NPR posted about some of the ways you and I can help, in a practical way, starting today. Here's what they shared:

Donate blood over the next few days and even weeks. 

Recently, University Health System based near San Antonio tweeted that donating blood "can help ensure we have supplies immediately available for the victims of this tragic shooting."

Donating blood regularly will provide resources in any future emergency scenarios, should they occur, God forbid.

Support fundraisers—but make sure they're VERIFIED. 

Unfortunately, there are always people without empathy who use even the most tragic situations to prey on the good-hearted intentions of loving people.

Thankfully, NPR reports that "GoFundMe has established an online hub of verified fundraisers supporting victims and loved ones affected by the shooting, which you can find here."

Volunteer your time—particularly if you are a legal professional. 

If you are (or know) an attorney, you can be a huge help right now. According to NPR, the San Antonio Legal Services Association is looking for those licensed to practice in Texas to help Uvalde Shooting Victims and their families with their legal needs at this time.

Our hearts are with these families as they walk through one of the most horrific things they'll ever experience. Let's help them know they aren't walking alone.

I am sending much love to these families right now. Hug your children a little bit closer today—and always. 

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