As the road construction project on I-35 near Barnum starts to near the completion phase, most of the traffic patterns in the area are returning to normal.  After a couple of months with a head-to-head configuration to accommodate the work zone, the Minnesota Department of Transportation is sharing that seperated northbound and southbound lanes will resume and the traffic flow will return to normal on the evening of Monday, September 26.

Traffic flow had been deviated to the head-to-head configuration in June.

MNDOT reports that the majority of the road construction work in that area on I-35 is finished.  However, they still have some final completion items on the punch-list for the project.  Those remaining items will require that the newly-separated northbound and southbound sides of I-35 remain in a single lane configuration for the next week.  Officials with MNDOT expect that they'll be able to complete the remaining items on their list by the end of the week of October 26; once finished, both lanes in both directions will reopen to traffic.

One part of the road construction project on I-35 near Barnum will still remain closed for the time being.

Due to unexpected delays, the off ramp at Carlton County Road 6/Barnum exit will remain closed until further notice.  The posted detour details for that closed exit will remain in place.

In addition, drivers can expect intermittent lane closures along that stretch of I-35 at various spots along the work zone until the work is fully complete; however, these lane closures will be temporary and won't be long term.

This summers' road construction on I=35 near Barnum is part of a $9.9 million project to  "provide [a] smoother road surface, extend [the] pavement life [and] reduce maintenance upkeep and costs".  You can get complete details about the work on the MNDOT website.

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