Updated 2/11/22 11:09pm - Duluth Public Schools shared a statement from Superintendent John Magas on their Facebook page:

Original post -An investigation is underway after an ice fight broke out between Duluth's Denfeld and East High school. A video of the live streamed game shows the incident.

Growing up as a Denfeld Hunter, East was one of our biggest rivals as we would call them "cake eaters". It always felt like our season was on the line whenever we faced them no matter what sport or competition it was.

Another thing I enjoyed growing up was watching hockey fights. My dad had a ton of videos that we would watch for hours of some of the great NHL fights over the years. In NHL you go to the penalty box, in high school you get a one to three game suspension. However, this hit I am not okay with.

Fox21 shared the video and story. Late in the 3rd period Duluth East junior defenseman Grady Downs went behind the Hunters net and cross-checked Denfeld senior forward Cooper McClure. You can see McClure fall to the ice as Downs continues to throw repeated blows to the head. You can also see a referee and another Denfeld player struggling to pull Downs off of McClure, who laid motionless on the ice. Downs would later be ejected from the game.

I know important games are tough and trash talking is definitely thing. We don't know if anything was said. but you can't let your emotions get the best of you. Duluth superintendent John Magas released a statement:

The district is aware of the incident of fighting at the Duluth East and Denfeld boys hockey game Wednesday night. Duluth Public Schools is currently investigating the situation. Duluth Public Schools does not condone unsportsmanlike conduct

This game happened Wednesday night (2/9/22). It was noted that Denfeld’s McClure was not hospitalized and did end up going home. However, he did miss Thursday’s game against Duluth Marshall but was still with the team. Check out the news segment below to see the hit and fight:

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