A drug bust on the Iron Range took a significant amount of drugs, weapons, and cash off the street.  It also brought charges for a Virginia man on probation violation charges.

The Lake Superior Violent Offender Task Force (LSVOTF) executed a search warrant on the Virginia residence of 22-year old Tyler Allen Lawrence on October 18.  That search warrant was the result of an investigation that the LSVOTF conducted in coordination with Arrowhead Regional Corrections and the United States Postal Inspectors Office.

That search determined that Lawrence was in possession of a large amount of cash, illicit drugs, firearms, and other items that are included as evidence in the case.  Together, the collected items are being used by the authorities as evidence that Lawrence was "actively engaged in selling a substantial amount of controlled substances from his residence".

St. Louis County Jail
St. Louis County Jail

According to the police report and the St. Louis County Sheriff's Department, the following pieces of evidence were obtained from Lawrence's residence:

  • Approximately $92,292 in US currency
  • Two firearms
  • 26 pounds of Marijuana
  • 3.5 pounds of Psilocybin Mushrooms
  • 12 grams of suspected Heroin
  • 79 assorted Ecstasy pills
  • 23 LSD doses
  • An assortment of various other controlled substance pills
  • Digital scales
  • Other distribution items

Lawrence is currently in St. Louis County Jail, arrested for violating an existing probation.  In addition, the authorities have forwarded on a request for new charges that include First and Second degree sales of controlled substances.

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