There are many haunted estates throughout the great state of Minnesota; from Glensheen in Duluth, to the Warden's House in Stillwater. However, some say the most haunted home is located elsewhere.

Growing up, I've always been fascinated with the supernatural and the unknown. I've also had quite a few unexplainable experiences that have happened over the years that make you wonder. I once took a picture off my cell phone and caught a ghostly white image. The picture no longer exists to this day, but I swear it happened.

Growing up, I always thought Glensheen had to be the most haunted estate in Minnesota. I've never been inside because I'm worried I'll experience something that I don't want to, but I've heard many stories over the years.

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I came across a story titled 'The Most Haunted Houses In Every State' and had to check it out. The list came from the website, House Beautiful. It is one of the oldest published design magazines in the US, that continually publishes stories about giving inspiration and education to homes.

According to them, the most haunted estate in the Land of 10,000 Lakes is the Forepaugh House in St. Paul.

Google Street View
Google Street View

The home was built in 1870 after entrepreneur Joseph Lybrandt Forepaugh bought 5 acres of land in Minnesota. It was a Victorian-style mansion with a basement, three floors, and landscaped grounds and gardens for him and his family.

According to stories and the website Haunted Houses. Joseph had an affair with a maid named Molly and his wife caught them. The story goes that his wife told Joseph to end the affair, which he did. However, the maid found out she was pregnant and committed suicide on the third floor in 1865.

Joseph then sold the home a year later as they moved across the sea to Europe. They came back to the US in 1889 and built a new mansion in St. Paul. However, legend has it that Joseph sunk into a deep depression and committed suicide in a nearby park. Other stories say that Joseph did it right after Molly. According to the St. Paul Historical it happened in the woods near Selby and Hamline in 1892.

The original Forepaugh home had many owners throughout the years, however, it was transformed into an upscale restaurant after it was bought in 1983. The transformation took years to complete, and the home was also renovated and restored to its former glory.

Some say that Joseph has been seen throughout the home as a solid entity. Both customers and staff say he walks through the dining rooms dressed in 1890-era clothes with an attitude that says "he owns the place".

People also say that Molly the maid has been seen gliding down the hall before melting into the wall. Employees once heard tromping on the third floor and called the police. The police brought a K-9 unit with to investigate and allegedly the dog refused to go up to the third floor. The tromping then stopped and no one was found on the third floor. There's even a story of the restaurant having a wedding picture that captured Molly's image.

There are also stories about hearing strange noises in the basement. Lights turning on and off in the basement and people felt cold chills.

Unfortunately, the restaurant closed in 2019 according to the Pioneer Journal (paywall). The stories still live on to this day. Do you think this is the most haunted estate in Minnesota?

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