Merry Kiss Cam dropped on Hulu in late 2022 but let's be honest, some of us are still watching the movie because who doesn't love romantic Christmas movies year round? The film was shot in Duluth last summer and premiered on the streaming service on Thanksgiving.

It was a very exciting time to be a Duluthian, as the film shot throughout the city we love. Television star Katie Lowes is in the film and made the most of her time in the Northland, shopping in downtown Duluth and posting photos online of her Twin Ports adventures.

I noticed something in the film that I didn't catch the first time around as I rewatched it this week. Part of the film that is supposedly set in Duluth is actually not Duluth! This was confirmed on IMDb under the "goofs" section of the film.

So what gives? At about one hour and twenty-eight seconds in, there is a shot of a city at nighttime. While the city is beautiful, it definitely isn't Duluth! Apparently, it is Lancaster, Pennsylvania. I am not sure how that happened or why but I am sure not many people noticed. I didn't the first time around!

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Two things made me realize it wasn't Duluth the second time around! The first was a parking garage to the right of the screen, which I have never seen in downtown Duluth. The second is a building that says Steeple View Lofts.

I have never heard of that complex before and I know the downtown area pretty well! I did a quick search and found out that those particular lofts are in Lancaster, a fact which was confirmed on IMDb. I think I may watch too many detective shows.

The movie is awesome and follows a couple named Jess and Danny who fall in love at first sight. They go on a date to a hockey game and get put on the kiss cam and that leads people to thinking them kissing is a good luck charm! Throw in all things that happen in the classic romantic comedy and you have Merry Kiss Cam. 

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