If you are a  Minnesota Twins Fan and have access to just under $500,000 you can soon purchase the late Kirby Puckett's former home in Brooklyn Park. The home officially goes on sale Friday for $485,000. Kirby had the five-bedroom three bathroom home built back in 1986 and lived there with his family during both of his World Series appearances with the Minnesota Twins.

Cooper and I were talking about this on the morning show and after seeing all the photos of the home I must agree that for a professional baseball player in the height of his career the home is a bit modest compared to most athletes at his level. Not to say it is not a beautiful home it absolutely is, but again seems modest for his profession. In a way that to me says a lot about his character and also the fact that maybe he owned a number of properties as well.

The Puckett's sold the home many years ago, but the current family who have lived there for the past 25 years have said that whenever news about Kirby surfaces somehow that they find many people flock to look and take pictures of the house. Even though Kirby has been gone for a while his touches still remain in the home like a trophy room that was converted into bedrooms, but still has trophy case built in's in both rooms.

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The Realtor Brandon Johnson of JP William Real Estate said to Bring Me The News:

The perfect buyer for the property is almost anyone looking in the $475-500,000-plus price range, not only just Puckett fans," Johnson said. "It's the largest lot in the development (the Pucketts were some of the first to build around there), and has some incredible views for a middle-of-the-suburbs home. I actually looked into buying the property directly from the sellers before we took it to market because it impressed me so much.

All in all it is nice that the current owners were sports fans and held a special place for the memory of Puckett and his family. Will the next owners care that he once lived there? Maybe not, but either way it is a beautiful place that once was home to one of the best Minnesota Twins Players of all time, In my humble opinion.

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