The first lighthouse in Minnesota was built in 1858 located right here in Duluth. Take a look inside its current run-down state.

The Minnesota Point Lighthouse is absolutely historic, however, it is not in the best shape in this day and age. You can get to the landmark by boat or about a mile and a half hike through the historic pine forest at the end of Park Point.

I've been on this trail many times, but never quite got to the end to see how the lighthouse looks today. The Minnesota Point Light went through a few hard times throughout the years. A circular tower about forty feet high and twelve feet in diameter was constructed back in 1865. There was a dwelling built alongside the tower with a slate roof.

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Unfortunately, the construction of the dwelling was deemed substandard, as there was a report of leaks and fallen plaster after three just years of being built. The Minnesota Point Light was then extinguished in 1878 due to a new light being placed on the north pier of the Superior entry. However, it was re-lit just two years later. A new light was constructed in 1885, but was transferred to the south pier in 1893. The light was succeeded by the Wisconsin Point Light in 1913.

Duluth Urbex via YouTube
Duluth Urbex via YouTube

Once the light was transferred, the dwelling next to the lighthouse which was used as housing for the keepers of the light was abandoned. The tower still stands, but is not in good shape. A buoy depot was built on the grounds in 1903, but has also been abandoned. Both areas are now covered in graffiti.

Local photographer Dennis O'Hara narrates a really cool history of the lighthouse here. Duluth Urbex checked out the ruins about two years ago which you can see down below. What was once the first lighthouse in Minnesota, now (barely) stands in ruins:

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