Splitting household chores can often lead to strife in a relationship.

A woman left her husband for leaving his dirty dishes by the sink, but it turned out it was much more than that.

Matthew Fray opened up about the demise of his failed relationship via a blog post on his site mustbethistalltoride.com.

The man detailed that shortly after his 34th birthday his wife left him and took their son.

"So what terrible thing did I do exactly? How did I mistreat my poor wife? Well . . . I often left used drinking glasses by the sink," he explained.

He even admitted that he occasionally would leave dirty plates around, and would fail to fold his laundry, which he assumed his wife got fed up with and called it quits.

On the surface that's what it looked like, but it was so much more than that. He detailed that he waited for her to come around and admit she was "unreasonable" to leave him, but she never did.

It was only after a matter of time he realized it had nothing to do with the dishes or the laundry, it was how she felt disrespected.

Dương Hữu via Unsplash
Dương Hữu via Unsplash

"That while she rarely made a decision without thinking about how it might affect me or our son, I barely ever considered how my actions affected her," he said. "That not taking four seconds to put my glass in the dishwasher was more important to me than she was."

"I didn’t realize my wife was moving incrementally closer to ending our marriage every time she saw that glass, because I stubbornly refused to look at the world from where she stood," he added.

At first Matthew was gutted after his wife left him, but nine years later he spilled to Daily Mail that after some reflection he believes she "made a wise choice."

"Given her experience of our 12 years together, she did the right thing by leaving me," he told the outlet. "When someone feels mistreated and unloved, it’s sensible and healthy for them to consider whether choosing that every day forever is the right thing to do."

Now, Matthew works as a relationship coach helping others overcome their issues.


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