If you are a fan of either the 'Manitowoc Minute' or the 'You Betcha' brands, you can now get the official gear at Fleet Farm, of course.

Combined the two YouTube channels have over 500,000 subscribers and millions of views, they also successful podcasts and now a line of shirts and hats at someplace both Charlie Berens and Miles "The You Betcha Guy" both shop at, frequently.

I was myself making one of my many runs to Fleet Farm when I noticed that prominently displayed in the front of the store are two display racks with a giant Charlie and giant Miles cardboard cutout on the top of each.

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The racks were full of shirts and hats with some of their favorite catchphrases, like "Keep 'er Movin", "Oh My God That's Cold" and many more options for any fans.

If you want to pre-plan your shopping trip, I took some photos of the gear available for purchase at Fleet Farm. The both also have merchandise available on their websites, it doesn't appear to be the same gear, so maybe Fleet Farm got some exclusives.

Berens is also on tour with the 'Manitowoc Minute' with tour stops all Wisconsin, Minnesota and Iowa, and even a stop in Denver and San Francisco of all places.


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