I have seen quite a share of drone driven videos but none of them made me feel like I was actually riding on it. I suffer from motion sickness and I admit I actually had to stop and restart the video several times. It is absolutely incredible! The video, was made by Minneapolis aerial cinematographer Jay Christensen, and has made international news.

The video takes place at Bryant Lake Bowl in South Minneapolis. This old school haven which includes a few bowling lanes, theater, bar and some delicious food all in one place. This made for a perfect backdrop for the drone to fly in and out behind the scenes and between a guys legs all in one shot!

Christensen said to FOX9:

Bryant Lake Bowl is a staple in Minneapolis and on the Lake Street community, so being able to remind people how awesome that place is has been awesome.

He went on to admit that it did take a couple of takes to get it exactly right, but it is a process and no easy task at that to get it all done in one shot. He and his co-workers at Rally studios have done other one shot videos before for the Minnesota Timberwolves, The Grand Theater in Plymouth, Rosedale Mall and now Bryant Lake Bowl.

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Christenson said he was happy to be able to shoot at such an iconic place. "For us, it’s a win-win. We’re able to work on our creativity and our craft and, in the meantime, they can have a really cool video they can use to promote."

I know when I lived in Minneapolis this was the spot. Even though I can't bowl to save my life the atmosphere and people watching is all you need, oh and again the food is great too. If you get the chance stop in for a drink and a show or bowling it will be worth your while.

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