The pandemic has brought us many shortages, one in particular is affecting a Minnesota brewer, but they have found a creative way around it.

Surly Brewing announced that because of the shortage of aluminum cans that they have come up with a fun, unique way to deal with the problem, 'Cantyhose'.

You see, Surly says that they have a warehouse full of empty aluminum cans from "brands that changed looks, were overstocked, or retired." So instead of recycling those cans they have made some printed sleeves (Cantyhose) with the new branding that will cover the old cans.

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Surly says not to be surprised if some cans may look a little odd, as the 'Cantyhose' fit some cans better than others saying, "As is the case when jamming human legs into thin fabric sleeves, some cantyhose fit better than others."

In an official press release Surly says, "F*ck it, let’s drink.” It’s already been a long year; if the worst thing that happens to us in 2021 is an occasional run of less-than-ideal beer cans, we’ll take it every day of the week and twice on Sunday."

Beer and soda makers are facing a can shortage simply because more people are buying canned drinks rather than going to a bars or restaurants. Surly says the can shortage will continue through 2021, and they say not to worry unless "you see Furious in Ziploc bags."

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