A fresh new year is just around the corner and it is safe to say that 2022 was one for the books. There were a lot of strange things that happened this year and some very odd headlines as well.

Many of these strange headlines had to do with UFOs. Oddly enough, a self-proclaimed psychic named Psychic Nikki made some wild predictions for 2022 ahead of the new year and one of them was about supernatural sightings.

Ahead of 2022, the psychic said there would be an increase in UFO sightings and there would be UFO sightings "galore" and across the world. While I don't know if it was more than usual, I will say there were quite a few in our neck of the woods!

A study that came out in September revealed that if you are a UFO enthusiast, you may want to move out of Minnesota and Wisconsin! Both states ranked low in terms of being great places to live if you want to live out your supernatural dreams.

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That isn't to say we don't have a ton of UFO sightings, though! We have had plenty in Minnesota and the Northland. So exactly how many have we had in the state? To find that answer I turned to the National UFO Reporting Center.

There was a whopping fifty-eight UFO sightings in Minnesota alone in 2022! Now, this isn't to say there weren't more but that is how many people reported a UFO sighting in the first place. Wow.

There were a bunch in the Northland as well! In the fall, there were two separate sightings in Duluth alone. The sightings were less than a month apart and both people who reported the sightings were pretty detailed.

In May, a Hibbing resident spotted what they think was a UFO in the night sky. The resident was chilling in the hot tub when they looked up and saw something shaped like a V with three lights on each side. These are just a few examples of many!

There always seems to be some sort of spooky sighting in our neck of the woods whether a UFO sighting or a sighting of Bigfoot. Having a UFO sighting or talking about aliens in any way has definitely become more normal over the past few years.

There have been sightings in Hinckley, Duluth and Two Harbors along with spots closer to the Twin Cities and beyond. It truly doesn't matter where in the state you are located although, the North Shore probably provides a better view away from lights of a big city!

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For each state, we’ve also included details of famous UFO sightings in that state. Of note is that almost three-quarters of all UFO sighting reports in the United States occur between 4 p.m. and midnight, and tend to peak between 9 and 10 p.m. Food for thought next time you're out scoping for alien life. Keep reading to see which states have had the most UFO sightings.

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