Is that Brett Favre making a comeback on the field as a running back? No, it's the same number Dalvin Cook chose to change his old number 33 for.

The number 4 will now be Dalvin Cook. Last year he wanted to change his number but MSN reported that there was an NFL rule that stated Cook would have to buy all the unsold products in order to change. The price tag for him was 1.2 million.

This year the NFL has agreed that those players don't have to buy back the product, so Dalvin Cook is going to change his number to his old college number 4. This brings up a question. What if the Vikings decide to retire Brett Favre's number? I don't think it will happen because now it's going to be Dalvin Cook's number and they might retire his number.

MSN is reporting that it's more than a college number. Cook told MSN  “That number means a lot to me. I started playing football because of my bigger brother, and he was No. 4, And he was like a hero in my eyes when I’ve seen him play football. I’m trying to carry the legacy on because he switched sports and started playing basketball.” says Justin Jefferson thinks it's gonna be a big year. New coaches, a new mentality, and a new number for Dalvin Cook. Jefferson told that everyone already calls him 4, so now his number will match where he is emotionally. Cook has had great numbers in the number 4.

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It didn’t take long for fans to start reacting to the news. They believe the new number will only help Cook next season. The number is emotional to him so therefore it's going to be a big year. Look for a lot of players to have different numbers this year because they won't have to pay for old jerseys.

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